Popcorn/Hardcut limiter Mercedes-Benz C250 DELPHI CRD3

Popcorn/Hardcut limiter Mercedes-Benz C250 DELPHI CRD3

One of our customers asked if we could create a popcorn/hardcut limiter solution for his customer’s C250 equipped with a Delphi CRD3.

After some revisions, we ended up with a working popcorn/hardcut limiter solution for the CRD3 platform.  However, this customer didn’t share a video with us regarding the popcorn/hardcut limiter.

If we do receive a video for this particular solution we will update this post with the provided video.

Hardcut or popcorn limiter is nothing more than disabling and reinserting certain fuel amounts for the desired rpm, this is done usually on very high rpm to avoid issues. Like we have pop and bang / burbles for petrol-based engines we have popcorn/hardcut limiter for diesel engines. However, the popcorn/hardcut limiter sound that is produced on diesel engines is very different from that on the petrol-based engine. The reason for this is that diesel fuel can’t be ignited in the exhaust by itself, we need to cut and reinsert fuel back, this is done very fast and thus creates a kind of popcorn sound from the exhaust.

VehicleType = Passenger car
VehicleProducer = MB
VehicleSeries = C-Klasse
VehicleModel = 2.0
VehicleCharacteristic = C250
VehicleModelyear = 2011
EcuUse = Engine
EcuProducer = Delphi
EcuBuild = CRD3
EcuProdNr = CRD3-651-WMA4BD3-212WA-150kW-4CSLPR2S-EU5OP_RH-EF-05A_ME121101
EcuSoftwareVersion = 6519020001
EcuSoftwareVersionVersion = 6519038320
EngineType = Turbo-Diesel
EngineDisplacement = 2.0
OutputPS = 203.9
OutputKW = 150.0


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