Alfa Romeo Giulia EDC17C69 Adblue off revised

Alfa Romeo Giulia EDC17C69 Adblue off revised

Alfa Romeo Giulia EDC17C69 Adblue off revised

We are happy to announce that we have revised our adblue off solution for Alfa Romeo Giulia EDC17C69!
Whichever tuning stage you need our engineers team is here for you. You can log in or register for free at our customer portal, get some tuning credits, upload .ori file and send us your tuning request. chiptuners team will work on your file, give you suggestions when it comes to engine modifications and we will answer all your questions about the specific tuning through our support ticket system.

Alfa Romeo Giulia EDC17C69

  • Engine: 1.5-l 4-cylinder turbo
  • Transmission: manual
  • Weight: 1398 kg
  • Fuel efficiency: 4.3 (combined)
  • Engine power: 102 hp
  • Engine torque: 250 Nm
  • Acceleration 0-100: 12.3 sec
  • Maximum speed: 171 km/h
  • CO2 emissions: 114

Safe Tuning Files

Our tuning files are being developed with special care. Tuning an ECU file can be complicated and time-consuming. While we developed these tuning files for Alfa Romeo Giulia EDC17C69 we make sure that our files are safe for the car and the driver.

The ECU (engine control unit) controls the most vital and expensive part of the vehicle, your engine. Our engineers have many years of experience. We tuned thousands of vehicles and know how to calibrate your engine and gearbox correctly. Register and log in to our system to get professionally tuned ECU files for Alfa Romeo Giulia EDC17C69.



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